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Reinforcing WiFi: the best wireless solutions for a good WiFi coverage

Reinforcing WiFi: the best wireless solutions for a good WiFi coverage

Wifi enhancement solutions range from low-cost WiFi extenders to expensive mesh networks that are still in development. These kinds of fully wireless items vary enormously in quality and function, so the consumer can’t see the wood for the trees because of the multitude of choices. Which products amplify wifi for which type of internet use? The following is an explanation.

Reinforce Wi-Fi: start at the basics

If you want to strengthen your wifi, it’s important to think about steps to improve your network before you even have to order products like wifi-extenders. Buying a new and better wifi router, for example, can often solve many of the problems with a wireless network. It is also possible to analyze your network with apps for your smartphone such as WiFi Analyzer or Network Analyzer to find out where your network is actually strong or weak. If you then find out that you only have to move your router to the other side of your living room, wifi amplification is not necessary and saves a lot of money.

Powerline adapters

In addition to purchasing a new router, the Wi-Fi enhancement option is also an option to purchase a powerline adapter. Although this is not really a wireless solution, it should be mentioned as a way to achieve wifi amplification, as it is a fairly easy to install option. So it’s actually a wired option, because you use your power network as an internet cable. An adapter connected to your router transmits your connection to a second adapter somewhere in a power outlet of your network. That adapter then transmits your wireless network back there. This means that you are dependent on the location of sockets to place your wifi-extenders. In some situations it may be a solution in terms of wifi amplification, but the rest of this article will focus on truly wireless solutions that don’t need a connection to your power network.

Just connection, no fuss

If your problem with wifi amplification is that somewhere in your home or office there is no decent connection to make, and it does not matter if you are great fast streaming, then a classic extender as wifi amplifier buy a fine solution. These products perform their function (wifi amplification) best if they are placed within range of your router, but more close to the place where your connection is lost. They receive and transmit your wireless network at the same time, thus increasing its range. The disadvantage of the traditional (and therefore cheaper) wifi-extenders is that there is a clear loss of internet speed, because this happens simultaneously broadcasting and receiving. If you just need to surf at a certain place, it is a good solution that is also easy to install, but for high speed internet it is better to opt for an option from the higher segment in terms of wifi amplification.

Wifi amplification: wirelessly faster than light

For heavier workloads, there are plenty of options available today to expand your network without sacrificing speed. The slightly more expensive wifi amplifiers receive and transmit data more efficiently than cheaper models, which means that less capacity is lost. By the way, it also depends on the quality of your router how well more expensive wifi-extenders can use their higher capacity. For example, if you use a dual-band extender with a single-band router, the dual-band functionality of your wifi-extender is of no use. This principle of amplifying wifi applies to all functions of a wifi extender: always check your router compatibility. This problem is of course a thing of the past if you buy all your devices of the same brand to upgrade your network as a whole.

Reinforce WiFi with mesh networks

Improving your wireless network (read: strengthening your wifi) is also possible with the new mesh technology that a number of brands offer today. With mesh networks, you buy a complete set of router and WiFi extenders, with which you can, in principle, place a WiFi amplifier in every room. These extenders, in the case of mesh also called nodes, are not only connected to the router but also to each other. The disadvantage of this wifi amplification technique is however that this kind of sets is quite pricey in comparison to ordinary wifi extenders. With a router that is up to date and a wifi amplifier in places that are difficult to reach, the biggest problem is usually solved. However, mesh networking is currently the ultimate wireless way to get your internet as fast as possible, so it’s a great product to buy if you just like to push the limits of today’s technology.

In conclusion: how to amplify your wifi

In summary, strengthening the problem you want to solve is the most important factor in deciding when purchasing a particular product. Always check first if your router is up to date. If your network still doesn’t work satisfactorily, would you just like to connect to places that your router doesn’t reach properly? Then buy a simple wifi amplifier. Do you want fast wireless internet with as little loss of capacity as possible when you connect with your extender? Simple wifi amplification so? Then choose a higher-end wifi extender and make sure your router and extender are compatible. Do you want to push the limits of your home network? Then buy a set for mesh networks and walk from your attic to your basement without noticing any difference in connection. In any case, it is certain that pulling cables is no longer the only satisfactory solution in terms of wifi amplification with a weak wireless network in certain places in and around your home.

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