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Microsoft renews Surface Book 2 with eighth generation cpus

Microsoft renews Surface Book 2 with eighth generation cpus

The Surface Book 2 from Microsoft gets new hardware. The laptop will be available with core i5 and Core i7 from Intel’s latest generation.

Just under a year after the launch of Intel’s eighth-generation Intel’s mobile Core i5-cpus, Microsoft is putting the processors in the entry-level model of its Surface Book 2. This powerful laptop with detachable screen is now available with three different cpus, although this availability seems to be theoretical for us for the time being.

In principle, the laptop now appears with both a Core i5 quadcore and a Core i7 quadcore of the newest generation next to a version with Core i5 of the seventh generation. The Core i5-8350U is the new option. The processor has a basic clock speed of 1.7 GHz with a turbo frequency up to 3.6 GHz. The processor has four cores and multithreading, good for eight threads. The chip is baked at 14 nm because of course.

Major upgrade

The chip provides a major upgrade compared to the previous generation’s Core i5, not because Intel has suddenly become so much better at making chips but because these days it puts cpus under the Core i5 label that would previously have been classified as Core i7. The Surface Book 2 with new Core i5 seems in theory to be an excellent configuration, which is also available on paper from us.

In practice, it is more difficult. The product page and webshop of Microsoft with us are currently showing the new moment, but it is impossible to select a combination of hardware where you can also choose the 8th Gen. Core i5.

Please wait

In the U.S., they’re already getting the new chip. There we see that Microsoft keeps the price of its entry-level model for the new chip, but currently gives a discount of 200 dollars on the old Core i5. With us it is also in exit, but only for 40 euros which brings the final price tag to 1.709. Presumably the recommended price for the version with a new chip will be 1,749 euros. In any case, we advise you not to order a device at the moment, and to wait until the new Core i5 is also available from us, if only to see if the price of the old version will drop as much as it does in the US.

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