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Microsoft shares details about Surface Hub 2S with 85 inch screen

Microsoft shares details about Surface Hub 2S with 85 inch screen

Microsoft has revealed several new details about its Surface Hub 2S. For example, there will be a new version with an 85-inch screen, and the 50-inch version will have new mobility thanks to a built-in battery.

Like its predecessors, Surface Hub 2S includes Windows 10, Microsoft Teams, Office 365, Microsoft Whiteboard and the intelligent cloud. According to the company, however, the new version comes with more performance in a thinner, lighter and more versatile design. For example, the 2S is 40 percent lighter than its predecessor and the screen is 60 percent thinner.

The 50-inch version also features a 4K+ multi-touch screen for colleagues to work on together. In addition, the Surface Hub 2S offers 50 percent faster graphics performance than the original Surface Hub, according to Microsoft. By combining the 2S with the Steelcase Roam Mobile Stand and the APC Charge Mobile Battery, it is also possible to make the screen mobile, so that it can be used in several rooms.

The Surface Hub 2S includes a 4K camera, “crystal clear” speakers and far-field microphone arrays for meetings. And after a meeting it is possible to access the content via the Office 365 account.


The 50-inch Surface Hub 2S will be available in the United States from June for $8,999.99. Later this year, the device will also come to other markets where the Surface Hub has already been launched. The 85-inch Surface Hub 2S will be tested with selected customers from early 2020. When this variant will appear on the market and what it will cost is unknown.

There will also be a new configuration option for Surface Hub 2S customers to run Windows 10 pro and Enterprise on their devices, for specialized app scenarios.

Microsoft has finally announced later this year to make the Surface Hub 2 Display available. This variant is designed for rooms that require an interactive display that can be worked on with pen and touch, without any computer options being attached.

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