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VR headset specialist Oculus wants to make money with virtual reality solutions for large companies. The VR specialist previously sold business versions of its headsets, but now also adds an annual subscription to maintain the devices. That’s what TechCrunch reports.

These are Oculus Go for business of 64 GB from $599 and the corporate Oculus Quest of 128 GB from $999. This subscription gives you multiple tools, including the headsets themselves and the first year of device management and maintenance. That management and maintenance will then cost $180 a year, per device.

The package also includes a software suite with tools for device setup and management, enterprise-level service and support and a new user experience adapted for business use cases.

The new Oculus for Business is due to appear this autumn. It is unclear whether the service is also coming to Europe and what the prices would be here.

Oculus Quest and Rift S

Facebook also announced the availability of two new virtual reality glasses at its F8 conference. These include the Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift S, both of which will appear on 21 May from 449 euros, according to Tweakers. The Oculus Quest is a standalone pair of glasses, which means that no separate computer is required to make it work. The Rift S needs a Windows 10 machine.

The two glasses have built-in cameras and sensors to track the user in a room, so no external sensors are needed. The Rift S also gets LCD screens with a resolution of 1280 at 1440 pixels per eye. The Quest gets a resolution of 1600 at 1440 pixels per eye.

The Oculus Go, which is also available under the subscription, appeared last year. This device is sold separately from 219 euro, and has a smaller screen than the other two devices.

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