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Endpoint Detection and Reponse solution is part of Lookout Security Platform.

Lookout announced the industry’s first comprehensive mobile endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution. The offering is part of the Lookout Security Platform.

Lookout mobile EDR incorporates the console that the company’s researchers have used to analyze ground-breaking mobile threats. Such threats include Pegasus, Dark Caracal, Monokle and most recently SilkBean.

The new solution enables organizations to conduct their own research and hunt threats to stop data breaches.

The addition of EDR to the Lookout Security Platform delivers the industry’s first comprehensive capability to detect and respond to mobile threats. This detection then allows them to stop stop advanced attacks. This is critical with the ubiquitous use of smartphones, tablets and Chromebooks for work.

Designed by professionals for professionals

Lookout developed the platform using artificial intelligence (AI). The AI was based on telemetry data from about 200 million devices and more than 120 million apps. Security analysts can research advanced persistent threats (APTs) and investigate incidents found by the platform. This allows them to identify app and device threats. This also helps them uncover risky app behavior and automatically convict malicious code.

Aaron Cockerill, Lookout’s Chief Strategy Officer, explained the market need for the new solution. “Mobile devices have created a major gap in many organizations’ security architecture,” he said.

“The issue is that many organizations still consider tablets, smartphones and Chromebooks an afterthought in their overall security strategy. Many assume incorrectly that mobile devices are free from security risks or that mobile device management (MDM) solutions provide adequate protection.”

With the Lookout EDR solution, organisations can now fill that security gap, according to Cockerill. Lookout already enables organizations to automatically detect and respond to security incidents. With the new threat hunting and research capability, customers are now able to conduct their own investigations, he said. They can thus potentially identify advanced persistent threats and block breaches before they happen.

Lookout’s new EDR console gives customers the opportunity to use the same tools that Lookout researchers use to investigate cyberattacks. “These are research tools designed by security professionals for security professionals,” said Cockerill.