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Dell protects hardware against tampering during shipping

Dell protects hardware against tampering during shipping

Dell has added several security measures to its offering to prevent malicious parties from tampering with computers and servers before they arrive at the customer’s premises.

The new services consist of several steps to prevent tampering with hardware. This is to prevent the a chance that someone makes changes to the hardware in the time between the hardware being shipped from Dell and it arriving at the customer’s premises. This tampering may involve, for example, replacing memory or storage.

Security for PCs

SafeSupply Chain Tamper Evident Services is the name Dell gave to a number of seals that the company adds to the device and its packaging. Its’also possible to secure whole pallets in this way.

Dell also offers a service to erase the hard disk according to NIST standards before installing the customer’s images. The company calls this SafeSupply Chain Data Sanitization Services.

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Server security

Dell has also devised a number of new security measures for servers. Secured Component Verification is a service in which Dell checks that no parts of a server have been modified. It also includes protection against cyber security risks.

The services are available now.

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