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Dell’s slimmest Latitude now has call control on the touchpad

Dell’s slimmest Latitude now has call control on the touchpad

Dell is committed to making video chats as simple as possible. The company has been experimenting with different ways to optimize web calls, from a 4K monitor with a built-in 4K webcam to a magnetic wireless webcam that can attach to the middle of a monitor or anywhere else, like many other tech vendors enthralled with addressing the hurdles associated with remote and hybrid working.

Dell’s latest entry expands the touchpad’s capabilities, similar to Asus’ ScreenPad and NumberPad features.The glass touchpad on the Dell Latitude 9330 introduced Tuesday provides one-touch access to Zoom’s microphone mute, video on/off, screen share, and chat settings.

Competition heats up

Asus has offered increased input control via laptop touchpads for a long time. Its newest ScreenPad technology transforms the touchpad into a 2160 x 1080 quality LCD touchscreen that can open several apps, app-specific menus, and apps designed exclusively for the small screen.

In addition, the ScreenPad is considerably more vivid. Meanwhile, Asus’ NumberPad (version 2.0) transforms compatible touchpads into a light-up Numpad.

Dell dipped its toes into sophisticated touchpad input with the Latitude 9330, giving only four buttons for Zoom calls on the touchpad of its business-focused Latitude.

Zoom is the only compatible platform for now

Only Zoom is compatible with the features, but a Dell spokesperson told us that this might change based on user feedback and demands. Dell also went into detail on how the touchpad works. When joining a Zoom conference call, the laptop connects to the Zoom program and communicates with the various controls inside Zoom to enable or disable the mic, screen sharing, video on/off, and chat window.

The laptop’s 1080p resolution webcam features an “electro-mechanical camera shutter,” which automatically opens and closes when a video conversation begins and finishes, according to information provided to the publication ArsTechnica. There are four microphones on the laptop and AI-based background noise reduction.