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‘ESIM cards in smartphones are increasingly popular’

‘ESIM cards in smartphones are increasingly popular’

Operators and manufacturers are increasingly replacing physical SIM cards with eSIMs. The number of compatible devices is on the rise.

Traditional smartphone SIM cards are becoming a thing of the past. The era of physical SIM cards will soon be over, writes the Wall Street Journal. ESIMs drive the trend. These software-based SIM cards allow users to digitally access a telecom network by logging into an app or scanning a QR code.


The software-based SIM card makes it possible to register two different telephone numbers on one device. End users can switch operators more easily. Operators, in turn, can automatically send and implement security updates at scale.

ESIM cards are already the most popular in Europe and Asia, according to the Wall Street Journal. Operators in the United States are increasingly switching to eSIMs as well.

Smartphone manufacturers

More and more smartphone manufacturers see the advantage of eSIM cards. Removing traditional SIM cards allows for smaller designs. As a result, many smartphone manufacturers are implementing eSIMs. The iPhone 13, iPhone XR, Samsung Galaxy S20 and Z Flip all support the technology.

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