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KEF launches Mu7, first noise-cancelling headphones in its offering

KEF launches Mu7, first noise-cancelling headphones in its offering

KEF’s first active noise-cancelling headphones will be available starting October 13. The wireless Mu7 provides hi-fi audio and a clear microphone for phone calls.

Existing customers can pre-order the model starting today. General availability follows on October 13. The expectations are high. KEF is known for hi-fi speakers, but the company has never launched a pair of noise-cancelling headphones before.

The headphones contain a Qualcomm chipset for hi-fi audio. The 40mm driver delivers full-range dynamic sound. In addition to Bluetooth 5.1, the model offers a 3.5mm jack. The headphones are usable for up to 40 hours on a full battery. Phone calls are clear thanks to the built-in microphone.


Active noise-cancelling

The Mu7 features active noise-cancelling, meaning the model uses digital filters and algorithms to reduce ambient noise. The built-in microphones monitor the sound waves of an environment, after which the sound waves are analyzed and absorbed.

To minimize noise, the headphones direct sound waves against the sound waves of an environment. As a result, some ambient sounds fail to reach the user’s ear. Hitting a sea wave with a flat hand produces a similar effect. The water splashes the other way, just like a sound wave would.


The effectiveness of active noise-cancelling depends on the microphones and software in the headphones. When an organization like Sony releases a new high-end model, the noise-cancellation is likely to be effective. Sony launched several well-reviewed models in recent years. KEF can’t say the same. The organization will have to prove itself with the Mu7.

The quality of the model cannot be judged until it becomes available, but we expect the Mu7 to meet the industry standard. Earlier this year, KEF launched the Mu3, a set of earbuds with active noise-cancellation that proved to be excellent. The price of the new headphones is unknown at the time of writing.

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