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Dell introduced the world’s first Zoom-certified keyboard. Dubbed Premier Collaboration Keyboard 900, the model features dedicated keys for features in Zoom calls, including on/off switches for cameras and microphones.

Dell launched the keyboard ahead of CES, an annual electronics conference. The Premier Collaboration Keyboard 900 (KB900) will be available starting January 31 with a recommended retail price of $130 (about €120).

The model distinguishes itself with dedicated keys for Zoom calls. The buttons allow users to mute microphones, turn off cameras, share screens and open chat panels. Dell is the world’s first manufacturer to launch a Zoom-certified keyboard.

The model is wireless. Dell claims a full battery lasts 20 working days, assuming the keyboard is used eight hours a day. Charging takes place through USB-C. In addition to dedicated Zoom keys, the model offers fifteen programmable keys for functions of choice.

Dell KB900

Furthermore, the keyboard includes dynamic backlighting. A sensor sends a signal as soon as a user’s hands come close to the keyboard, prompting the backlight to turn on. As a result, backlighting only consumes energy when the keyboard is in use.

The model has a scissor-switch key design, as is common for laptops and business keyboards. Scissor-switch keyboards are generally quieter than mechanical keyboards.

Dell MS900

Dell introduced the KB900 in conjunction with the Premier Rechargeable Mouse (MS900), a wireless mouse styled similarly to the keyboard. The MS900 will also be available starting January 31. The recommended retail price is $110.

Dell will make the mouse and keyboard available in a combination bundle starting March 23. The bundle’s recommended retail price has not been announced at the time of writing.

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