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The acquisition is expected to allow Mirantis to extend the management capabilities of Lens beyond containers to applications.

This week Mirantis announced that it has acquired application management startup Shipa. The acquisition will help Mirantis deliver “a unique cloud-native application-as-code platform”, the announcement says. Mirantis claims that Shipa’s solutions allow it to add automated application discovery, operations, security and observability to Lens

Lens is a popular integrated development environment (IDE) for Kubernetes that helps eliminate complexity and accelerate mainstream developer adoption, according to the company. “This empowers users to easily manage, develop, debug, monitor, and troubleshoot their workloads across multiple clusters in real-time, supporting any certified Kubernetes distribution, on any infrastructure.”

Shipa, like Lens, reduces complexity, according to the release. It shields developers from having to know the intricacies of Kubernetes – “helping to deliver and manage applications faster while improving security and governance, as well as making updates easier”.

Speeding up software teams

“Shipa’s technology puts ground-breaking application discovery, optimization, security, and management capabilities in the hands of Lens users”, said Adrian Ionel, co-founder and CEO of Mirantis. “It will help cloud native software teams move even faster, freeing them to code and innovate.”

Bruno Andrade, co-founder and CEO of Shipa, explained his company’s objectives. “Our goal at Shipa, from the beginning, was to give DevOps and platform engineering teams the capability to choose their own underlying tools with a focus on automation to reduce the complexity of the technology infrastructure required by cloud-native applications.”

“Our technology makes deployment and management of applications and updates much easier and faster by letting developers focus on what they do best and not infrastructure”, Andrade added. Mirantis and Shipa engineering teams are working on integrating Lens Desktop with plans for March availability.