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“Facebook wants to take over cybersecurity company to polish image.

“Facebook wants to take over cybersecurity company to polish image.

Facebook is reportedly planning to take over a large cybersecurity company. Mark Zuckerberg’s social network is said to have already approached several companies with a takeover bid. The company would like to take over a cybersecurity company in order to improve its image.

Facebook would like to take over a cybersecurity company in response to the negative news surrounding the hack, in which data of up to fifty million people have been exposed. Which company may be acquired is not known, although there is no shortage of potential targets.

Busted image

Last September, the world’s largest social network was hacked. Initially, Facebook announced that data from fifty million people may have been hacked. Later on, the company reduced that number and data from 29 million users would have been captured. There are also three million Europeans among them, which could lead to a fine of USD 1.63 billion from the European Union.

But this is certainly not the first time Facebook has been embarrassed. At the beginning of this year, the social network was unable to protect users’ data. Cambridge Analytica, for example, was able to collect private data from tens of millions of users without Facebook realising it. The image of the social network has therefore been dented lately.

Polishing your image

Engadget therefore notes that the acquisition of a cybersecurity company, Facebook, could help to improve its security, increase its expertise and reduce the chances of an encoding error that puts millions of users at risk. By putting cybersecurity first, Facebook could therefore show that it takes the criticism seriously.

With this, Facebook seems to want to polish its image and show that it is serious about improving its security.

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