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Google starts rolling out new AR feature in Maps

Google starts rolling out new AR feature in Maps

Google has started rolling out a new augmented reality (AR) feature in Maps. This feature allows users to point their device in a certain direction, after which the app shows the direction they need to walk, reports Silicon Angle. Arrows are then displayed on the image on the screen.

The function mainly uses GPS to locate a user. The AR integration then uses images from Google Street View to cross-check the location to provide more accurate details. The whole offers a Pokémon Go-like experience, without the Pokémon. The user points the camera in the direction he is going and Maps AR shows arrows in the direction they need to go. A traditional map appears at the bottom.

To avoid risks, Google says the app doesn’t want users to rely too much on AR to find their way around. If the phone is kept in AR mode for too long, a message will be displayed asking the user to stop holding the phone up. If ignored, the screen darkens until the phone is held down.


David Pierce of The Wall Street Journal was the first journalist to try out an early demo version. He turned out to be particularly positive about the position. “A moment after the app found me, a set of large, unmissable 3D arrows appeared on my screen, hanging in the middle of the street,” said the journalist in a column.

“The arrows sent me to the right, so that’s where I went. Then a rectangular blue sign appeared above the pavement: in 249 feet I have to turn back. His final destination was indicated by a “red pin the size of a telephone booth”. “It was as if Maps had drawn my route on the real world when no one else could see it.”

The function is now rolled out to Local Guides, which add reviews, photos and information to Maps. When the function is available to all users, is still unknown.

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