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OutSystems and Boncode code analysis service reduces errors

OutSystems and Boncode code analysis service reduces errors

OutSystems starts a collaboration with Boncode, a Dutch supplier of software analysis services. Together, they provide OutSystems customers with a resource to ensure that the developed applications are optimally implemented for maintenance, reliability, performance and security. The new service complies with the strict standards of ISO 25010.

The collaboration between Boncode and OutSystems helps organizations to quickly build applications in which technical debt is minimized and high quality is maintained. This analysis service makes it possible to assess the future-proofness of OutSystems solutions and to continuously check whether applications have been developed correctly and optimally.

Technical debt

Many organizations today are rapidly building apps and rapidly implementing new techniques. There are also a number of risks involved. Specifically, developers must keep a close eye on the balance between speed and quality when updating software. A lot of resources seem to be lost to technical debt; implicit costs resulting from extra work to fix errors caused by the rapid development of apps.

According to OutSystems, the analysis service ensures that the risks are transparent, but also manageable. Within the analysis, special attention is paid to architecture. The tool warns of violations of the OutSystems 4 Layer Canvas model. According to Jeroen Meetsma, the CTO of Boncode, the architecture of software often has a major impact on the manageability of a software product. This impact is greater than that of the quality of the source code. Software architecture must therefore be analysed in combination with source code measurement, according to Meetsma.

Mike Hughes, the senior director of product marketing at OutSystems, also states that development teams build quickly and add a lot of functionality to their applications. This is low code software, so according to Hughes it is very important that the apps are free of technical debt. Boncode’s customized solution helps them take full advantage of the benefits of low code and gives them the assurance that they can meet the strategic needs of their organization.”

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