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JetBrains, the company behind a portfolio of development environments for programming languages, has released a notification management update to its all-in-one collaboration suite for software projects and teams.

Dubbed Space, the solution helps teams with communications, project management, issue tracking, continuous integration, Git hosting, deployment, and package repositories in one place.

The solution is used to make work easier for developers by allowing them to track communications in one place, minimizing distractions. It also allows context switching (switching between apps), making it the only tool you need to use.

What’s new in Space?

Space is bringing a new way to manage incoming notifications and triage the most important ones to push to the personal feeds or divert them to group chats for the whole team when needed.

Sergey Shkredov, the team lead behind JetBrains Space, said that the goal is to allow software developers and their teams to work efficiently and without losing focus. Space does this by intelligently managing the notifications about new commits, problems, posts, or other pertinent updates, without distractions.

The update brings ‘Spacebox,’ a new personal feed that intelligently shows the most relevant notifications across the virtual desk.

More control of notifications

During the day, the users can customize preferences to include what they want to see within Spacebox and the feeds or group channel.

The settings allow users to customize how they want to get notifications so that only the critical kind gets through for immediate addressing. The other information is placed in the other channels where it is checked less frequently.

The system enables users to separate the notifications from noise with ease and tamp down distractions further. JetBrains launched Space in December and has said that the product is already in use by 30,000 companies in various industries.