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Lenovo and Esper announce a collaboration for the large-scale management of Android devices in business environments.

Esper’s enterprise cloud-based DevOps infrastructure solutions are to be combined with Lenovo’s Android-based smartphones and tablets. According to Esper, its technology enables companies to configure, manage, secure and maintain large numbers of Android-based devices and apps, thus simplifying IT departments’ management of said devices and apps. The new partnership between Esper and Lenovo is to express itself through the on-demand provisioning of Esper technology on Lenovo’s Android tablets and smartphones.


For now, Esper and Lenovo primarily target customers in the healthcare sector, whose environments call for high security, privacy, manageability and UX standards.

According to the tech organizations, various healthcare organizations presently rely on legacy Mobile Device Management (MDM) to manage their mobile devices. The newly joined forces state that said solutions are unable to deploy and manage software and applications specific to healthcare providers. Unsurprisingly, Esper and Lenovo promise to facilitate what legacy MDM supposedly lacks, ensuring that patients and in-house staff get a desirable user experience while using firmly secured Android devices.

Tip: Android Enterprise’s security was updated to facilitate Android 12