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Google updated its Firebase application development platforms with new functionality. The release allows developers to develop, secure and monitor applications even faster.

The tech giant introduced more functionality for Firebase Extensions, which consist of pre-packaged code from Google and others. Extension events allow these packets of code to trigger events in other packets of code. For example, the automatic generation of a discount after subscribing to a certain service.

Furthermore, Google Firebase now supports Apple’s Swift programming language and its associated SDKs. This makes it easier to use Firebase for macOS, especially when using database calls with Firestore, Realtime Database and Remote Config.

Other functionality

In addition, more functionality was added for securing the back-end infrastructure. Firebase App Check is generally available, which helps protect against invoice fraud, phishing, application spoofing and data theft. Firebase App Check is now integrated with the Play Integrity API that protects applications from unauthorized access.

Monitoring functionality for all network activity of Firebase-developed applications has been extended to include custom alerts, including code traces, network requests, screen rendering activity and web traces. This functionality is now generally available. Crash reporting in Firebase Crashlytics has been extended with integrations for Google Play and Android Studio.

Flutter 3

Furthermore, Flutter 3 was introduced. Flutter is an open-source platform for developing multi-platform applications. Version 3 makes all Fiberbase plugins for Flutter generally available.

Also, all Flutter documentation, code snippets and customer support are fully integrated into the Firebase platform. This makes it very easy for developers to use both platforms simultaneously. Firebase Crashlytics support for Flutter was updated as well, allowing developers to monitor their applications in real-time and quickly resolve stability issues.

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