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Highland Europe, a London-based venture capital firm, has announced a €1 billion fund to invest in software and consumer tech companies across Europe. This marks the fifth fund for the company, bringing its total capital raised to an impressive €2.75 billion.

“Current market conditions are not easy, but our founder-led companies continue to scale impressively and efficiently, with several world-leaders in the mix”, said Fergal Mullen, a Highland Europe partner. “We’re pleased that our investors share our conviction.”

The launch of the new fund comes amid a broader slowdown in tech startup funding, triggered by rising interest rates and the declining value of public tech companies. A recent report found that UK businesses secured £22.7 billion in venture capital funding in 2022, a 30 percent decline from the year prior.

Highland Europe’s strategy

Highland Europe specializes in rapidly growing European internet, mobile and software companies that address large market opportunities and generate over €10 million in annual revenue. The capital provided enables management teams to accelerate growth and build value.