Turnkey Internet opens European data center in Amsterdam

Turnkey Internet opens European data center in Amsterdam

Turnkey Internet, a Colohouse subsidiary, opened its first European facility in Amsterdam. The colocation and IaaS provider aims to serve its European customers better from this location.

In Amsterdam, Turnkey Internet has now established a carrier-neutral data center that provides connectivity to more than 115 different networks and peering exchanges. The data center is also connected to the AMS-IX.

The data center’s services focus on the European market. According to Turnkey Internet, providing European customers with connectivity with lower latency is important.

Conversely, this facility offers multi-continent redundancy and disaster recovery services for U.S. customers.

IaaS services

In its data centers, Turnkey Internet offers customers various IaaS services in over 150 countries. These services include cloud hosting, dedicated and bare-metal servers, backup & disaster recovery, online storage, web hosting, managed hosting and hybrid solutions.

Among others, the company’s own bare-metal-based new R650xs servers are used for this purpose. These are servers based on 3rd gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors that add Cloud VPS, among other things.

According to Turnkey Internet, there are more plans on the horizon rather than the opening of a data center in Amsterdam. The IaaS specialist plans to open more data centers in Europe, as well as in Asia, this year.

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