Cisco HyperFlex gets replaced by partnership with Nutanix

Cisco HyperFlex gets replaced by partnership with Nutanix

The recently concluded partnership between Cisco and Nutanix affects Cisco’s HyperFlex offering. This offering will disappear completely, as previously predicted in rumours.

In late August, Cisco and Nutanix introduced a solution for an easier transition to hybrid multicloud environments. The solution would emerge from the combination of Cisco SaaS-managed compute power and networking infrastructure, Cisco UCS, Cisco Intersight and the Nutanix Cloud Platform. Cisco is fully responsible for offering the solution, but that offering is still pending until the end of November.

End of HyperFlex

The partnership also appears to be the end for networking equipment provider HyperFlex. There had been rumours of that before, but Cisco is now making it definitive.

HyperFlex Data Platform (HXDP) software will hand out the last subscription on 28 February 2029. After that, subscriptions and support for the products will be unavailable. No related products will be offered for sale as of Sept. 12, 2024.

Failed acquisition ends in partnership

Forbes pinpoints the partnership between Cisco and Nutanix as part of the failed acquisition in 2015. The cloud computing company went public that year after negotiations with Cisco came to an end. The networking equipment provider made an offer that Nutanix said was below the company’s value.

Cisco then showed interest in Springpath. A hyperconvergence software provider that did not demand billions like Nutanix but was bought for 320 million. The acquisition produced the HXDP software.

However, Nutanix would hold the upper hand in market share, mainly by providing an HCI technology that can do more than consolidate data centre infrastructure.

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