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Venture investor DeepTechXL has raised €110 million. The fund aims to strengthen the Dutch deep-tech ecosystem by funding startups.

The 110 million is made possible by input from ASML, the FD knows. DeepTechXL’s money is awarded through a selection process. Photonics and quantum computing are deep-tech areas where the venture investor is interested. Nanotechnology and semiconductors have also been identified as interesting investment areas.


Eindhoven-based DeepTechXL was founded in 2022 and is supported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate. The venture investor invests €100,000 to €2 million in start-up companies. It has now invested in eight companies, including Delft Circuits, Keiron, Senergetics and Alphabeats.

The €110 million also marks a milestone for DeepTechXL. Indeed, this marks the final closing of the venture investor’s first fund. It is, therefore, seen as another step to identify and support promising startups.

Apart from ASML, pension fund PME, the Brabantse Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij, TNO, Invest-NL, Philips, Oost-NL, the Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland, and the Technische Universiteit Twente are also contributing to the 110 million. It is not known how much each party contributes separately.

Tip: ASML stays in the Netherlands, but may continue expansion abroad