ServiceNow launches mobile version of Now Platform

ServiceNow launches mobile version of Now Platform

ServiceNow has added mobile capabilities to its workflow platform. This should make it easier for employees to carry out various work-related tasks on the road.

ServiceNow’s Now Platform is used to streamline workflows in various separate IT systems. All these workflows are integrated into a single platform.

Now Mobile

The platform is now being expanded with a new application called Now Mobile. Now Mobile is a mobile version of the Now Platform for Android and iOS devices. The app can be used by employees for tasks such as ordering equipment, approving requests and asking for help.

According to ServiceNow itself, there is a growing demand for being able to carry out the tasks on the road. Research would show that half of the employees expect their employers to deliver mobile-optimised tools.

Mobile is the way many people want to complete daily tasks, says Chief Product Officer Chirantan CJ Desai in a blog post. The Now Platform enables companies to quickly and easily deliver native mobile experiences to employees that increase productivity and make work better for the employees.

Other updates

ServiceNow has also provided its virtual agent with opportunities to understand natural language. This means that employees can now talk to the Now Platform via a virtual agent, using simple human terms. This way they can find answers to their questions, order new items and ask for help.

Also new is a mobile application for boarding new employees. The app helps streamline tasks for new employees in a company. These include signing confidentiality agreements, requesting devices from IT departments and providing bank details to pay salaries.

The new Now Platform has been made publicly available immediately. The applications can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store for iOS.