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MuleSoft, which offers a platform for developing application networks, today announced the next major update of the Anypoint Platform. This should bring the application network graph to customers worldwide. In this way, MuleSoft hopes to revolutionize the way companies access information about their applications and systems”.

The basis of the application network is the graph, which contains metadata of the application network, components and operational characteristics. With the new release, companies can make use of machine learning and real-time insights. It is also possible to apply advanced security options via the Anypoint Platform.

Three key points

Companies have to connect more and more applications, data and devices to each other. This creates opportunities for new customer experiences and revenue channels, but also challenges. As time goes by, new competitors will come onto the market, disrupting things and changing existing business models. According to MuleSoft, by developing an application network, companies make more room for innovation.

The new version of the Anypoint Platform helps developers to use insights from the application network graph and to develop their applications faster. At the same time, it is based on safety. According to MuleSoft, there are three important updates that come with the new version of Anypoint:

  • Machine learning to map data: Anypoint Design Center applies machine learning to data collected within the graph. This makes it possible to automatically make suggestions and speeds up the opportunity for companies to develop applications.
  • Automatic holistic view of APIs and integrations: Anypoint Vizualizer automatically builds a holistic view of a company’s APIs and integrations and combines it with knowledge of the application network graph. The data within this is further enriched with data from Anypoint Monitoring, so that problems can be detected and resolved quickly.
  • Comprehensive range of APIs management: With this new update, MuleSoft also introduces new API policies in the graph, which provide additional security and management capabilities. The policy can be activated at the touch of a button and immediately helps users to better secure their applications.
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