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Talend has reached an agreement to take over Stitch for $60 million. Stitch is a spinoff from RJ Metrics. The company offers a cloud-based self-service that automates data ingestion pipelines to the cloud.

In the two years that it has existed, Stitch has built up a customer base of over 1,000 customers. The service was designed to provide a simpler alternative to retrieving and processing data to cloud-based data warehouses. The process requires ETL, so Stitch focuses on automating the extraction, movement and loading of data to cloud-based data warehouses.

That means the company doesn’t do anything about transforming data. This task is performed within the database, taking advantage of low-cost compute cycles available in cloud-based services.


For Talend, the acquisition is about adding a new entry level that lowers the barrier for customers and enlarges the approachable market. Now that Tableau has proven the feasibility of self-service in analytics, the demand for tooling that reduces or eliminates the need for IT personnel has increased.

Cloud-based analytics services such as Power BI and Amazon QuickSight have helped to further these expectations. This also applies to the emergence of tools to prepare data, so that it is no longer necessary to understand database schemas. Instead, there are now simple Excel-like spreadsheet interfaces for transforming data.

The intention is that Talend’s transformation tools continue where Stitch stops. In the long run, however, the goal is to use the expertise of the Stitch team for some of the flagships. Talend also plans to expand the Stitch team. That team stays in Philadelphia, by the way.

When the deal will be completed is still unknown.

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