Palo Alto Networks launches firewall specifically for 5G networks next year

Palo Alto Networks launches firewall specifically for 5G networks next year

The arrival of 5G networks offers many advantages. They are much faster than today’s 4G networks and the network delays are much lower. But these advantages also have their drawbacks. That’s why Palo Alto Networks has a new generation of firewall in development.

The new Palo Alto Networks firewall should be available in the course of February. That is what CEO Nikesh Arora told us during a conference call about the results of his company in the past quarter. During that conversation with shareholders and investors, he said he was busy launching a new product.

5G firewall

Palo Alto Networks describes the firewall as a completely new product. The intention is to focus more on 5G and invest in it as a way to achieve growth in the future. The cloud services with which Palo Alto Networks collaborates are engaged in a major mobile infrastructure transition from 4G to 5G. We announce a new generation super-scale firewall, specifically designed for service providers with their high traffic.

It is not yet entirely clear which entity is ultimately responsible for the security of the networks. However, some of the comments made by the vice president of product marketing, Janet Matsuda, hinted at what it will be: the service providers will have to arrange it. Matsusa drew the comparison with a cloud model; cloud providers are responsible for infrastructure security and customers for their own data.

In the 5G world, the telecom providers will be responsible for a basic layer of security. The company’s platform will therefore help partners to develop a secure 5G ecosystem. Palo Alto Networks will offer the firewall just like its other products. A license will be granted for the firewall and the associated hardware and software.

Quarterly figures

Palo Alto Networks recorded a net loss of 38.3 million dollars last fiscal quarter. That on a turnover of $656 million. The turnover has grown considerably: by 31 percent compared to a year ago. A turnover of 631.9 million dollars was expected. Predicted for the next quarter is a turnover of between 675 and 685 million dollars.

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