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Amazon has yesterday made all machine learning courses that it offers internally to its employees available to everyone free of charge. It involves more than 45 hours of material, spread over thirty different courses. The courses are free for developers, data scientists, data platform developers and business professionals.

That’s what Matt Wood, general manager of deep learning and AI at Amazon, says in a statement. Each of the courses starts with the basics and builds on them, with examples from the real world and laboratories, that allow developers to explore machine learning through some fun problems that we also had to solve at Amazon.

Machine learning

According to Wood, this includes issues such as optimising delivery routes and predicting nominations for prize ceremonies. The courses also demonstrate how to get started on a range of AWS machine learning services, including Amazon SageMaker, AWS DeepLens, Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Lex, Amazon Polly and Amazon Comprehend.

Amazon says it also wants to help employers hire people more effectively. That’s why it now introduces a special certification for machine learning, which customers can get for half the price. With this certification, companies would sooner know if someone knows enough about machine learning. According to Wood, this also fits in with the questions he regularly receives. Customers often ask me: how can I get more machine learning skills within our teams?

According to the TechCrunch site, the idea behind this move is that Amazon will also be able to find some new forces in this way. The company also needs some goodwill, after employees in Germany, France, Spain and other countries stepped out of the company’s depots, with the comment that we are not robots.

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