Atlassian acquires AgileCraft as a complement to Jira

Atlassian acquires AgileCraft as a complement to Jira

Atlassian wants to offer more and new services for its customers. To this end, it is now taking over the startup AgileCraft, which sells tools for mapping and tracking business projects. The takeover should be completed by April.

According to Atlassian, the acquisition will cost USD 166 million (EUR 146.2 million). Of this, it pays 154 million dollars (135.7 million euros) in cash. The rest of the amount is paid in shares. With this new acquisition, Atlassian is shifting its original focus from selling software development tools to a wider range of enterprise software.

Agile and Jira

Atlassian’s main product is still the Jira software, which allows software development to be tracked, as well as the BitBucket, which allows developers to store code and collaborate on it. AgileCraft offers above all a product with which companies can map out and track projects.

This product is reminiscent of the way in which developers within agile quickly develop software with small updates. There are companies in many industries that now adhere to agile and therefore not only develop products faster, but also save on the costs involved.


Atlassian and AgileCraft fit well together, partly because the AgileCraft software has been developed to work with the Jira tools. In a blog post Atlassians CEO Scott Farquhar writes that the two companies share a number of customers who use both tools. These include AT&T and Fidelity Investments.

These customers use Jira to plan the development of software and AgileCraft to connect teams. In this way, business leaders also get an overview of the different projects that staff are working on within their company. AgileCraft brings together the teamwork that takes place across an organization to create a comprehensive picture that links strategy, work and its outcome, writes Farquhar. And because large-scale technological initiatives are increasingly complex, this visibility, context and coordination is essential.

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