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At the beginning of this year, KPN announced that it was going to discontinue some of its daughter brands. Internet provider XS4ALL was also killed, which caused great dissatisfaction among the company’s customers. A number of those customers joined forces in the action group XS4ALL Should Stay and is now working on a new provider.

This provider will start within a few months under a new name, but does share the values of XS4ALL. The action group will inform techsite Tweakers about this. The site spoke with Kirsten Verdel, one of the initiators of the action group XS4ALL Must Stay. According to her, serious discussions are currently taking place with companies that are active in the field of hosting, telephony, mail use and television offerings, among other things.

Start quickly

According to Verdel, the intention is to start quickly with the own provider. It has to focus on the values of XS4ALL, so that there will be a spiritual successor. In order to be able to start quickly, it was decided to enter into discussions with various suppliers of the products that the XS4ALL successor wants to offer. You’re not going to invent a television offer yourself. Then you grab an existing party that already supplies it and make agreements with it, says Verdel to Tweakers. There would already be a number of providers willing to cooperate with the startup.

Which companies they are is not known and Verdel did not want to share that information. However, it is clear that these companies have to share the same standards as XS4ALL. They therefore focus on privacy, security and accessibility. The precise details of the company will also be considered; it must be a commercially healthy company, but it must not be a question of profit.

According to Verdel, only the promotion of the goals of XS4ALL should be central. The starting point is and remains that XS4ALL must continue to exist. If KPN were to reverse its decision, it would pull the plug on this project, which is really seen as a plan b. Currently, almost sixty people are working on the project.

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