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XS4ALL is going to disappear. At least, that’s the plan of telecom provider and owner KPN. The provider wanted to discontinue the brands Telfort, XS4ALL and Yes Telecom in the course of this and next year. But with a petition, customers of XS4ALL hope to put a stop to this. Now KPN is talking to the initiators.

So far, almost 41,000 signatures have been put on the petition XS4ALL must remain. That is enough for KPN to enter into dialogue with the initiators, says one of the initiators, Kirsten Verdel to the AD. No date has yet been set for the meeting with KPN and details of the meeting are not yet known.

Departure customers

Earlier this month it became clear that KPN wanted to put an end to the XS4ALL brand. According to insiders who spoke to Het Parool, that had been the intention for a long time. In the first instance, the disappearance of five percent of XS4ALL’s customers would be taken into account if the provider were to be disbanded. But after the fuss, according to Het Parool, KPN has adjusted that expectation to 25 percent. Nevertheless, KPN hopes to calm the emotions by emphasizing that nothing has changed for the customer.

Given the large number of signatures, this was not possible. The XS4ALL Works Council is also not happy with the news and, according to Het Parool, is prepared to go to the Enterprise Chamber and challenge the closure. This is not yet possible, because this is only a KPN plan and not yet an official decision.

When the time comes, XS4ALL can try to put a stop to this. The fear of the company’s customers is that XS4ALL, which now operates partly independently within KPN, will no longer be able to do so and that the parent company will swallow up the good service and technically competent employees.

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