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Software delivery tool provider CloudBees has announced a preview of its new software delivery management (SDM) platform. The product is intended to make it easier for all kinds of teams to work together.

The platform should be able to be deployed by teams that can include employees such as market researchers, programmers or even customer service representatives, for better business results. CloudBees’ way of SDM works by connecting processes and workflows. This is accompanied by the recording of data during the development process. The aim is to achieve greater transparency.

“CloudBees-solution for SDM”, as it is currently called, is not intended to replace any of the company’s current products. Instead, the company plans to integrate its current products as modules, says Shawn Ahmed, VP of marketing at CloudBees, in a blog post.


DevClass reports that customers can sign up for the preview phase at this stage, which should lead to the “shaping” of the solution to meet customers’ needs. According to Ahmed, this is what SDM users should strive for: making software that “meets the needs of the customer”.

The SDM product page provides some insight into how the platform will develop in the coming months. The preview provides early access to a value stream management module. A dashboard for data and development activities related to a product is also available. In addition, there is functionality that provides information on how to deliver features. An efficient dashboard and managing the rollout of features are planned as the next available features.

CloudBees has also brought the latest releases of the Accelerator and Flow products to attention. Both products were added to the company in April 2019 through the acquisition of Electric Cloud.

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