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Mist Systems, a subsidiary of Juniper Networks, has launched a new ‘autonomous’ network. The network, which is driven by artificial intelligence (AI), is aimed at companies that want to set up a cloud-based network quickly and with little help.

The idea is that companies can set up a network themselves and don’t have to do much themselves, writes Silicon Angle. The technology comes from a platform that Mist Systems sold before it was taken over by Juniper Networks in March this year.

The Mist Systems platform helped organisations to manage their wireless networks by using machine learning algorithms for daily maintenance tasks. There was also a virtual assistant, named Marvis.

With Marvis, administrators were able to access data about network devices that are not working properly in a natural way. For example, it was possible to use a search function to e.g. ask: ‘what is wrong with the router in the lobby?’ after which the system provided diagnostic information to solve the problems.

Autonomous network

The new network, which Mist Systems itself calls the AI-Driven Self-Driving Network, is a kind of update on the existing platform. Whereas the platform used to only support wireless networks, there will now also be support for wired networks.

In addition, an entirely new feature for Marvis will appear: Marvis Actions. This function automatically diagnoses the cause of problems and tries to solve them, without users having to ask for it. If the problem is outside the domain of the access network, Marvis provides a set of recommended actions for IT teams to solve the problem.

Marvis can do all this by taking insights from the AI engine, including the cause of a problem. It then converts this data into insights for administrators and IT managers, who can take immediate action on it. Marvis Actions is already immediately available to anyone with the Marvis Virtual Network Assistant Service.