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In a new version of Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe has added new analytic tools and possibilities to process customer data. During an online conference of Adobe the new functionalities were announced by the head of engineering at Adobe: Anjul Bhambhri.

According to Brambhri, users can now create customer profiles in real time with the buying behaviour, web activity and which emails have been opened. This allows content for customers to be personalized on a large scale. This was not yet possible with these details in Adobe Experience Manager.

In addition, the new update makes it possible to retrieve data from the web and mobile channels with a single javascript, connected to all domains of Adobe products. This should reduce the amount of code by 80% and can load pages up to 70% faster, according to Brambhri.

In addition, Adobe has expanded the functionalities for marketers to steer the customer journey more. They can now more specifically determine how the customer is led from the landing page to a purchase. With filters it becomes possible for customers from different sources to follow a specific path.

Privacy precautions

With the new data and customer profiles, protecting privacy has become even more important. Users of Adobe Experience Manager can mark sensitive datasets as privacy sensitive. These datasets are then not easily accessible.

Eric Matisoff of Adobe emphasizes that data that is marked as sensitive is protected and that Adobe Experience Manager no longer allows these data to be viewed separately: “We are forcing these restrictions for these sensitive datasets”.