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Alibaba Cloud is going to invest heavily in its own cloud infrastructure and basic technology. This in order to meet the growing demand for its services from customers in the coming years.

According to the public cloud provider, an amount of RMB 200 billion or approximately 26 billion euros will be invested in its own cloud infrastructure and basic services over the next three years. The reason for investing this enormous amount is that the services of the Chinese public cloud provider are very much in demand. Partly due to the current corona crisis, more and more customers are purchasing services such as video conferencing and live streaming.

Investments in infrastructure

The investments will be spent on expanding Alibaba Cloud’s complete infrastructure in its own data centers, such as its own operating system, servers and processors. The upgrades will be implemented in all current 63 regions of the public cloud in Asia, Australia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States.

Faster recovery after crisis

Ultimately, the public cloud infrastructure upgrades should ensure that Alibaba Cloud can continue to provide its customers with reliable computing resources that can accelerate their digital transformation process. This should help their economic recovery from the current crisis and ultimately prepare them for a post-pandemic world.