New Dell HPC systems are aimed to improve industry democratization

New Dell HPC systems are aimed to improve industry democratization

Dell is taking massive strides to pick up some pace in the high-performance computing market. The company has a new series of systems for genomics, artificial intelligence, and digital manufacturing. 

Here’s what the company is rolling out:

  • Ready Solution for HPC Genomics. This system will increase the efficiency and speed of how genomic analysis is done.  
  • Ready Solution for Digital Manufacturing. Dell is using Altair Hyperworks Unlimited for simulations and product design.
  • HPS and AI-as-a-service will bring together services, co-location, hosting, and on-demand resources. Some of the partners for this will be DXC Technology, Verne Global, and R Systems. 

Democratizing HPCs seems to be the main goal

The Veep of Business Strategy for Dell’s Server and Infrastructure Unit, Thierry Pellegrino, said that the company aims to democratize HPC. He cites that the series of HPC will give productivity a boost, using ready-made HPC systems.

HPC is a part of the market highly contested by legacy vendors because it is high-margin and shows what is possible when enterprises have access to cutting-edge hardware.

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Dell has an HPC strategy that will put some speed into their plan to democratize high-performance computing power that will be more accessible and promote more productivity across several industries. 

What is the plan for Dell’s HPC foray?

The company wants to advance the use of HPCs by providing expertise, partnerships, and innovations. It can advance state-of-the-art for HPC and AI solutions, using partners from the TOP500.

We cannot fail to mention the democratization of the HPCs and AI. Small and mid-sized businesses will be able to accelerate their processes with this.

Optimization is the last of the points in the company’s three-pronged approach. The performance will be better and will help companies invested in our futures.