AWS is now Zoom’s ‘preferred cloud’

AWS is now Zoom’s ‘preferred cloud’

AWS has announced in a press release that Zoom has selected the tech giant as its preferred cloud provider. The message follows only months after a similar claim from Oracle.

In the press release, AWS claims that it has struck a deal with the company behind the popular video conferencing app. In the coming years, AWS would be its preferred cloud provider. The cloud provider promises to grow with Zoom’s needs and be available worldwide.

“Over the past year, Zoom has grown on AWS to accommodate an increase from 10 million daily meeting participants in December 2019 to more than 300 million a day regularly since April 2020”, the company states.

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AWS vs Oracle

The press release is remarkable, as it follows only six months after Oracle announced that it had won a substantial contract with Zoom. The company would have trumped AWS and Azure, but Zoom itself indicated that it uses a combination of cloud providers.

It’s not completely clear what the preferential position of AWS exactly means. Zoom is probably still making use of other cloud providers as well.

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