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Amazon has announced CloudShell. The service allows users to communicate with AWS environments via command line from within a web browser.

AWS CloudShell is automatically configured to have the same rights as your user account in AWS Console. This eliminates the need for users to juggle multiple user profiles for different test and production environments.

The environment is based on Amazon Linux 2 and works with all AWS tools that can be accessed via a command line environment. There is also support for things like Bash, Python, Node.js, PowerShell, WIM and git. Users are given 1 GB to store relevant files.


To make CloudShell more accessible, Amazon has added some customization features. For example, both a light and a dark theme are available and there is a choice of five different text formats.

AWS CloudShell can be used free of charge with up to 10 shells per region at a time. Users who need more should contact Amazon.

The service runs in Amazon data centres in the US states of North Virginia, Ohio and Oregon. In Europe it runs in Ireland and for the Asian market Amazon has rolled out the software in Tokyo. More locations will be added in the future.

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