Dell presents PowerEdge XE8545 server with AMD EPYC and Nvidia A100

Dell presents PowerEdge XE8545 server with AMD EPYC and Nvidia A100

Dell EMC has presented a new server, the PowerEdge XE8545. Dell EMC has combined the most innovative chips from AMD and Nvidia in this PowerEdge. The PowerEdge is also suitable for AI workloads in your data centre.

According to Ravi Pendekanti, senior vice president of server solutions product management and marketing at Dell EMC, “These servers don’t just power your data centre, they’re designed to help you innovate, adapt and grow well into the future.”

According to the manufacturers, the new Dell EMC PowerEdge XE8545 is designed for machine learning, high-performance computing (HPC) and GPU virtualisation, among other things. Dell EMC has set the bar high with this server.

The ultimate powerhouses from AMD and Nvidia

The new PowerEdge XE8545 server uses the latest AMD EPYC processor. The server can even be equipped with two of these chips, bringing the maximum number of CPU cores to 128. In addition, the server can be equipped with up to four Nvidia A100 GPUs, which can be used for machine learning, AI or other GPU workloads. The Nvidia A100 GPUs work in combination with Nvidia vGPU software so that the GPUs can be virtualised to different VMs.

What is unique about this PowerEdge server is that Dell EMC now also makes use of Nvidia NVLink. This is a special baseboard in which the Nvidia A100 chips are integrated. Because of this, the different GPUs all have direct interconnects with each other, which works many times faster than the traditional PCIe-based solutions.

Dell EMC says it has optimised the entire server for good CPU and GPU performance, as well as accelerated I/O performance.

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PCIe Gen 4 NVMe ensures good I/O performance

Dell EMC optimizes this I/O performance by using the latest PCIe Gen4 NVMe storage modules. The NVMe storage chips are placed close to the CPU and GPU through PCIe, so the connection to the CPUs and GPUs is as optimal as possible. This prevents potential bottlenecks with large data sets.

iDRAC and OpenManage Enterprise

The Dell PowerEdge XE8545 comes in a standard 4u-housing. The server is also air-cooled so that you can use it in every data centre. Furthermore, Dell has integrated its integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC), and Dell EMC’s OpenManage Enterprise is available. With this, customers can easily monitor and maintain the servers. With OpenManage, you can monitor all servers in a data centre.

PowerEdge XE-series

The complete PowerEdge XE series is built for complex and new innovative workloads. They feature the latest chips and the best performance without sacrificing reliability. Dell states that reliability and security are critical. You can use the servers in traditional data centres or the more extreme Edge locations.

Pendekanti also says that many companies find it challenging to deploy and manage AI infrastructure. “We have solved this with a server design and management features that simplify it all. With the PowerEdge XE8545, you can analyse more than 150,000 images per second, using two AMD Milan CPUs and four Nvidia A100 SXM4 500W GPU.”