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The OpenStack Foundation has announced the 23rd release of OpenStack. This release, named Wallaby, introduces new security features, integrations and UEFI capabilities.

New security features include fallback permissions and improvements to role-based access control (RBAC) in Ironic, Glance and Manila. The community has also focused on migrating the RBAC policy format from JSON to YAML.

Improved integrations

Other improvements include integration engine to provide better support for other open source projects. For example, Kolla, a project for ready-to-use containers and deployment tools, now has support for version 2 of Prometheus. Magnum, an API service, has been updated for Kubernetes and containerd. Cylinder, a block storage service, now has support for the Ceph iSCSI backend driver.

Tacker, Nova, Cyborg, Cinder and Neutron

Tacker, a tool for orchestrating NFVs, now has new capabilities to comply with ETSI NFV standards. These capabilities include APIs for scale, update, and rollback operations for VNFs. In addition, it provides lifecycle management support for subscriptions and notifications.

The OpenStack community also says it will continue to progress on Nova and Cyborg. These are tools for compute provisioning and accelerator management, respectively. Users can now shelve and unshelve Nova servers with Cyborg accelerators. Block storage service Cinder has new backend drivers, and many existing drivers have added features such as revert to snapshot and backend QoS.

With networking tool Neutron, administrators can now route fixed IP addresses from ports on a network to the outside world, without being limited by the availability of IPv4 addresses. Finally, OpenStack has added new UEFI capabilities. One of these is the ability to securely erase NVMe SSDs.

Growing community

“Twenty-three releases in, it’s exciting to see a growing, vibrant, global community contributing to OpenStack,” said Kendall Nelson, upstream developer advocate for OpenStack at the OpenInfra Foundation. “The OpenStack community continues to rank among the three most active open source communities in the world, and OpenStack Wallaby showcases how successful community collaboration keeps the software robust and efficient, drives innovation to support emerging use cases, and continually delivers interoperability across projects and platforms.”

More information about OpenStack Wallaby can be found on the OpenStack website.

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