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Paris-based Platform.sh secured $140M in the latest Series D funding round. The firm provides software developers with the capacity to deploy compound architecture within seconds.

The funds will be utilized to power recruitment drives intended to meet worldwide expansion goals and fund future vendors and business acquisitions. In its lifetime, Platform.sh secured a total of $187 million.

Platform.sh removes various choices digital staff confront when deploying, managing, and building web applications. The choices are mind-boggling, from what language and framework to code to which back-end system will best serve the target. The firm offers a holistic solution that helps teams build, scale, manage, and host several web apps and websites in various languages and frameworks.


Already utilized by big firms like Nestle and Adobe, the Platform.sh team includes approximately 340 members. This includes staff from Blackfire, which was acquired last year. “When we launched Platform.sh, we wanted to build a very powerful cloud platform that simplifies the cloud experience for web developers, making sure they spend time on developing and zero time on cloud infrastructure”, explained CEO and co-founder Fred Plais.

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