EchoStar launches Europe’s first LoRa IoT network

EchoStar launches Europe’s first LoRa  IoT network

EchoStar Mobile, a mobile satellite provider, recently launched a ‘LoRa-enabled IoT’ network – an industry-first.

Short for Long-Range, LoRa is a low-power network protocol best suited for connecting battery-backed devices. Sometimes, terrestrial infrastructure limitations constrain tech usage. EchoStar deals with this by incorporating LoRa-enabled modules into IoT devices, enabling sensors to receive and send data in real-time.

The mobile satellite provider’s S-band network is the first to provide real-time, bi-directional LoRa-enabled connectivity throughout Europe. The coherent and full European coverage will match multinational mobility users’ needs in various sectors like logistics and agriculture.


Telemaco Melia, General Manager and VP of EchoStar Mobile, stated: “The activation of our pan-European network, the largest, and first multinational, LoRa-enabled IoT network, is a significant milestone for EchoStar Mobile.”

“We, along with dozens of partners participating in our early adoption program for LoRa, are evaluating prototype devices and testing the network with applications such as railway track monitoring, smart farming, utility monitoring and asset tracking in preparation for commercial service launch, which is on track for late 2022.”

According to various reports, EchoStar Mobiles’ bi-directional LoRa-enabled Internet-of-things (IoT) network will debut on July 6 in Paris at the LoRaWANWorld Expo.

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