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The increase in big tech data traffic is forcing telecom operators to upgrade networks. Christel Heydemann, CEO of French operator Orange, believes it would be fair for big tech to provide financial support.

The data traffic of big tech and large content providers is increasingly difficult to handle, Heydemann indicated during a conference in Aix-en-Provence. Bloomberg confirms that operators are forced to make increasingly high investments. Cost projections total 15 billion euros over the next four years.

Big tech traffic growth

Orange’s CEO said operators are ”condemned” to constantly invest in their networks. She expects the network traffic of big tech and large content providers to increase by a factor of three to five in the next six years. No names were mentioned, but the statements likely apply to the likes of Google, Apple, Amazon, Meta and Netflix.

Contribution desirable

Heydemann questioned whether it would not be rational for big tech and content providers to provide additional contributions to operators’ networks. contribute financially to the further network investments of operators. The CEO’s comments are in line with the European Commission’s plans. The EC has been investigating the possibility of requiring financial contributions from big tech since the spring of this year.

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