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Aruba added Client Insights to the Aruba Central Foundation licence. Existing customers receive a new, free service that automatically identifies and configures endpoints.

Aruba Central is a software solution for network management and security. An Aruba Central Foundation license provides access to most tools. Aruba recently announced that licensees can now access Client Insights.

Client Insights allows users to automatically identity and configure unknown network devices. The tool has been available for some time. Users required a paid license. Now, Aruba Central Foundation licensees can use the tool without additional costs.

Client Insights

Client Insights starts with a network scan. The tool analyses the network traffic of unknown devices to create profiles. It automatically distinguishes between PCs, video cameras, sensors and so on.

Client Insights proceeds to send the profiles to ClearPass, an Aruba policy management solution. ClearPass reads the device types and applies the policies of similar devices. Finally, Client Insights makes it possible to fully automate onboard devices.

Firmware Recommender and AI Predictions

In addition to Client Insights, Aruba announced a ‘Firmware Recommender‘. The feature will be available in October 2022. Firmware Recommender uses an AI algorithm to recommend appropriate firmware updates for access points. Network administrators don’t need to check model numbers.

Finally, Aruba launches Automated Infrastructure Predictions. According to Aruba, the solution predicts hardware and software problems in infrastructures. Think of a firmware version that will soon become outdated, or a network device that needs to be replaced. The solution’s based on Aruba AI Assist and Aruba Support, two existing tools.


Aruba operates in a competitive market. Juniper Networks and Cisco recently announced similar updates. Juniper launched ‘AI-Enabled Device Onboarding as a Service‘, a solution that automatically configures network devices. Cisco launched ‘WAN Insights‘ for ThousandEyes WAN, a feature that predicts problems in WAN networks.