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Cybersecurity cloud provider Druva announced its latest data resiliency guarantee that offers more than $10 million in coverage and pledges to secure the privacy, availability, and immutability of customers’ data

Druva has recently revealed a comprehensive SaaS protection service for data that offers robust protection covering the five data risk categories, including:

  • Cyber
  • Human
  • Application
  • Operation
  • Environmental

This Data Resiliency Cloud is a cloud-based SaaS providing AWS on public infrastructure. The DRG (Data Resiliency Guarantee) is an extension of the business’s current liability restrictions. It allows qualifying clients to be secured against a range of data interruption and loss across the five risks mentioned above.

What’s the guarantee?

The guarantee features a 100 percent security service-level agreement (SLA) to ensure customer data that is stored in the backup won’t be lost during a security breach. It is only possibly by what Druva states are the high-quality SLAs, including:

  • The 100 percent immutability SLA, ensures backups are not lost, encrypted or modified due to a security incident or cyberattack.
  • The 99 percent reliability SLA guarantees the security and success backup platform.
  • The 99.999 percent durability SLA aims to ensure the backups are recoverable.
  • Lastly, the 99.5% availability SLA increases the uptime.

“All of the SaaS vendors, including Druva, have a legal requirement called limitation of liability, that we are liable if data is lost”, adds Druva CEO Jaspreet Singh. “We saw the industry asking for more, like, can you guarantee us reliability of software that the backup success percentage would be 99 percent? Can you guarantee availability of my data? Can you guarantee it won’t be tampered with? Can you guarantee it will not be leaked by employees? So we extended what we typically have called limitation of liability into a full-fledged warranty.”

It means that Druva has to ensure its functioning processes and infrastructure are sufficiently compatible to support a warranty like this. After all, it has management ownership over the consumer’s data. Druva’s SaaS infrastructure system has to be easily accessible across all platforms. Their backup should be dependable enough, with immaculate privacy and rock-solid immutability.

“We made reliability the number one goal”, the CEO further said. “And we are proud to say we have 99 percent success rate or higher of backup and recovery jobs being successful. And we have zero breach in durability. We have zero lost confidentiality. We have never, ever had a third party get access to data nor have we lost data. So now we are actually firming up our promises by offering a warranty.”