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Synology Active Insight is now generally available. The cloud platform monitors the performance of Synology systems, helps troubleshoot and provides a dashboard for update and security management dashboard. The beta was free, but the official release comes at a price.

Synology customers have multiple options for monitoring and maintenance. Operating system DiskStation Manager (DSM) offers several tools for overseeing performance, bottlenecks, patching and security. Until recently, the tools were available separately. With the general availability of Active Insight, Synology provides a single cloud platform for monitoring, uptime, updates and security management.

The beta of Active Insight was launched in 2020. Synology recently made the platform generally available. “Hundreds of thousands of users have tested Active Insight and noticed how more visibility and better management help secure Synology servers”, shared Angel Huang, product manager at Synology. “We are working on several new features that will be presented in the near future.”

The beta was free, but the official release comes at a price. An annual license costs costs €10 per device until December 31, 2022. The price rises to €20 per license after December 31, 2022. Users with fewer than three hosts can continue to use Active Insight for free, though free licenses have fewer features than paid licenses. The service is available for trial over a 60-day period.

Synology Active Insight

Active Insight has four components. First, the solution provides an up-to-date overview of system performance. Memory, storage and network usage are displayed. Secondly, Active Insight recognizes outages and other notable events. In the event of an outage, the platform advises on the proper course of action.

Thirdly, system versions and available patches can be managed in a central dashboard. Finally, the solution provides insight into login attempts and backup activity. The latter helps monitor the security of an environment.

Not all Synology systems are supported. Active Insight is only available for systems running DSM 7.0.1 or newer. Older models lack the memory required for DSM 7.0.1.

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