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Microsoft claims not to use consumer data for its own profit. The software group claims that it sees data privacy as a human right and stresses that the misuse of user data will eventually harm its products and services, according to CEO Satya Nadella.

Nadella spoke to the London Times about this. The CEO also commented on a Fortune report, which expressed concern about whether Microsoft, like Google and Facebook, is not benefiting from customer data. Something he’s definitely disputing. According to him, customers should be able to decide for themselves how their data will be used.

In fact, Nadella even extended the rules of the GDPR Privacy Act applicable to the European Union to users outside the EU as a precaution. It therefore encourages competitors to do the same or to set up and implement their own data privacy protection. The US state of California now has data protection legislation similar to that of the GDPR, but it will not enter into force until 2020.

The CEO believes that detailed online user profiles over time could cause considerable damage. It is therefore not to be expected that the software group will use user data from LinkedIn and GitHub. Both companies were previously purchased by Microsoft for 26.2 billion dollars (2016) and 7.5 billion dollars (2018) respectively.

Other companies learn this lesson the hard way. For example, Facebook is still recovering from the Cambridge Analytica scandal, where earlier this year millions of Facebook profiles were misused.

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