Dell, Salesforce and Google raise funds for FullStory Inc.

Dell, Salesforce and Google raise funds for FullStory Inc.

The startup has raised over $103m in funding from an investment group that includes Google LLC, Inc., and Dell Technologies Inc.

FullStory Inc. is an app and website analytics startup that has disclosed how $103 million of new funding has been raised by tech giants such as Google LLC, Inc., Dell Technologies Inc. It is allegedly claimed that the startup is valued at $1.8 billion.

Their aim: Enhancing user experience for businesses

The Atlanta-based company provides a communication platform that allows companies to analyze website user experience in-depth. This helps them identify how they can improve the experience for customers, so there is a higher rate of conversion.

This startup’s platform can spot technical problems such as slow page loading speed and content not rendering. In addition, FullStory lets you detect the most subtle usability issues, such as design or confusing interface that makes customers click off.

Where will their capital be invested?

FullStory plans on investing a portion of the new funds in expansion efforts. They want to reach a more extensive international market. They also have plans to accelerate their development and research, mainly focusing on the growing number of data points that can be used to collect customer interactions with websites.

The CEO and founder of FullStory said in a blog: “We’re excited to use this investment to find experience improvement signals and push the boundaries of the DXI platform with data science and machine learning. Ultimately, these will support more use cases and deliver business value across organizations.”

Alongside Google, Dell, and Salesforce, FullStory has announced that the $103 million raised was also from efforts made by Permira, an investment firm.

The stage is set to see if FullStory will be able to fulfill its promises and rise to the potential that the bigwigs see in it.