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The company has added two new languages and a password history feature that provides an extra layer of security and peace of mind.

The password history feature, now available across all operating systems and devices, is an essential addition for NordPass users who share or jointly manage passwords with friends, family, or colleagues.

View up to ten recent password versions

Users can restore a selected password and even copy it if necessary. This functionality addresses the previous issue of users overwriting passwords, providing a more seamless and efficient experience.

“We’re committed to delivering a smooth, secure, and efficient experience to our customers, and our latest addition to the NordPass platform is a testament to that,” says Gediminas Brencius, the Head of Product Growth at NordPass. “With the password history feature, our users can now access their accounts with ease and manage their credentials with confidence, even when working with others.”

NordPass has also expanded its language offerings, adding Spanish and Italian to its platform. These new languages can now be set as the default language in the platform’s Admin Panel, alongside English, German, French, and Lithuanian.

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