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CrowdStrike enables third-party data on Raptor and announces no-code platform

CrowdStrike enables third-party data on Raptor and announces no-code platform

CrowdStrike is making Raptor and Exposure Management all-encompassing by allowing integration of external data sources. It also announces the new no-code platform Falcon Foundry, as well as a partnership with Salt Security for API security.

CrowdStrike is kicking off the Fal.Con 2023 conference with the announcement of a new product and several enhancements to its existing offerings. During a press conference, the company indicated that these enhancements are mostly coming in response to user demand.

No-code platform

The latest addition to CrowdStrike’s offerings is Falcon Foundry. This is a no-code platform that can be deployed for IT and security use cases that a specific company may face.

According to Raj Rajamani, CPO at CrowdStrike, the platform is deployable by all profiles. In fact, development knowledge is not a requirement because all processes are automated through AI.

Raptor connects to external data sources

With the service Raptor the cybersecurity company wants to bring Extended Detection and Response (XDR) to all companies. To this end, the product is still being actively tinkered with.

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In a new version of the service, analysing more data via the platform will become possible. This is possible because CrowdStrike allows it to bring in external data sources into CrowdStrike’s data lake. Moreover, analyses will become less time-intensive with the addition of AI assistant Charlotte.

In addition, a new space has been developed for more straightforward collaboration with colleagues. According to Rajamani, much time currently gets wasted sharing information via Slack or in a document. In major incidents, however, that time is too precious to lose. The cybersecurity company, therefore, announces a Google Docs-like solution for professional collaborations.

Platform improvements

Finally, enhancements have been made to Falcon Data Protection and Falcon Exposure Management. This makes it possible to map the threat landscape better, to allow cybersecurity teams to prioritize more quickly.

This is given effect in a clear and summarized data protection console. Security teams should further gain better insight into the entire threat landscape through the ability to link external sources to Falcon Exposure Management.

Collaboration with Salt Security

Finally, the company is establishing a partnership with Salt Security for enhanced API security. This is actually, again, an integration opportunity. Through the partnership, the Salt Security API Protection Platform will be integrated with the CrowdStrike Falcon Platform. For enterprises, the collaboration means better visibility into API security risks.

“Since APIs are now a prime target for malicious actors, securing them requires a careful and comprehensive approach. This joint integration allows us to leverage the mature AI-driven intelligence of the Salt API security platform with our widespread Falcon platform and comprehensive cloud security insights. This will give organizations a thorough understanding of their application threat landscape,” said Gur Talpaz, VP of corporate development and Falcon Fund responsible at CrowdStrike.

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