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VAST Data makes it possible to leverage heaps of unstructured data for AI. That data is kept safer than ever thanks to a partnership with Superna.

In recent years, VAST Data has grown at lightning speed. In less than five years since its launch, it has achieved an annual recurring revenue of over 200 million dollars. With a focus on AI use cases, the company’s potential is great and it now integrates with HPE GreenLake, among others, and is certified as an Nvidia SuperPOD data store.

Data needs to be protected

VAST Data provides a platform to process unstructured data for AI deployment. Storing this data takes place within VAST DataStore, while the platform also consists of DataBase, DataEngine and DataSpace. The Israeli company wants to protect this data as much as it possibly can, so it has enlisted the help of Superna. However, the VAST Data Platform already meets the requirements of the NIST framework and features a zero-trust architecture. The Superna feature set aims to expand on the already robust level of protection on offer.

Within this platform, Superna’s Data Security Edition has now been integrated. This reduces the risks of ransomware, including by providing”near-instant” recovery capabilities. Preferably, ransomware is kept out even before it encrypts data, so detection of ransomware as it’s being deployed is also part of the Superna offering.

Simple and robust

“By combining the world’s simplest, fastest and most efficient data platform built for exabyte scale AI, with Superna’s trusted, secure data protection and recovery offerings – we’re offering a ready-made solution able to access, manage, move and protect data for the most data-intensive organizations on the planet,” said John Mao, vice president, Technology Alliances at VAST Data. “With VAST and Superna, customers get robust, federated cyberdefense and resilience at the data layer. ”

Superna provides protection for solutions in any IT environment, while also making migrating data between on-prem and the public cloud easy and secure.

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