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The Ministry of Defence intends to invest more in measures against cyber attacks. According to the Ministry, it is not enough to have good security. The Ministry intends to use more resources and to broaden the strategy to make the Netherlands more resilient.

This can be seen in the Ministry of Defence’s new cyber strategy. Minister Ank Bijleveld asks for an investment in the fight against digital espionage, but also in measures against influencing and against sabotage. To defeat opponents, it must be clear that the Netherlands can also defeat them.

Malware in vital infrastructure

The Ministry of Defence writes in its cyber strategy that it also takes into account the possibility of malicious countries placing malicious software in the vital infrastructure. Power plants, but also telecom networks, can therefore be infected by the malware that is placed there in preparation for a possible military conflict.

Whether these conflicts will actually take place is, of course, a question – it is to be hoped that they will not. However, it is realistic to assume that elections and public opinion will be influenced. Several countries are trying to send elections in Western countries with fake news. The ministry will want to focus on that as well.

Cyber war going on

Part of the strategy is to also show that the Netherlands knows what is going on. Therefore, countries will be more likely to receive public comments if they carry out a cyber-attack. Very recently there was news of a Russian attempt to spy on the OPCW, and the very public discussion of the spies who had been arrested.

According to Minister Bijleveld, the Netherlands is in a cyber-war with Russia. She withdrew that comment pretty soon after she made it, but it was meant to wake people up and make them aware.

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